Questions for the dev team

I second that. This game is already starting to get really fun on it’s own, but damn.
I’m super excited for multiplayer.
To me, my ideal end-game would be if this was like a much slower game of StarCraft with roleplay elements.
Versus/Competitive, Co-Op, or some kind of multiplayer Story Mode would all be incredible.

I’m betting it’s multiplayer or some of the kickstarter stuff like pets.

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The Devs have stated that they won’t be doing multiplayer until single player is completed - and that completion is a long long way off. Aside from the usual bug fixes, they seem to be currently focused on Reyya’s Children enhancements, and the Northern biome.

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I’m going to deviate a bit from the original question and before I respond I’m going to preface this pretty strongly in the off chance it will be misinterpreted.

In a hypothetical and idealized dream world where I could have anything I wanted in Stonehearth I’d want a living biome. A truly real, living world where things decay and over time the world changes as your civilization makes an impact on it.

Lost a chicken into the woods at some point? Now you’ve got chicken hungry wolves. Abandon a building for too long? Forest starts to reclaim it and it begins to crumble. There are seasons and weather, evolving species, nomads and traders, maybe even bands of heroes wandering and looking to make a new town their home. Turn them away? They come back later as disenfranchised bandits desperate to take a slice of your pie.

If someone were to come up to me and say they were playing a game and that it was a living RPG, I’d be incredibly excited to play it. I grew up playing RPGs – most of which were on rails through the main character’s story. It didn’t allow you to live and breathe in the world that supported it. I say let me loose in that Hyrule. Let my actions push the world and the world will push right back.

A big part of this blue sky dream is also multiplayer both asynchronous and synchronous. Trading with friends and their towns, building a civilization together or towns side by side to fend off that crazy rock golem that you can’t take alone.

Again this is all my personal desire but it would be pretty damn cool. :kissing_smiling_eyes:


Even small steps towards this dream would be wonderful for Stonehearth.

Some of my strongest memories with the game are the times that it made me stop and think, and change my plan/process. A great example was watching my first trapper “harvest” their first fox – I was so proud of finally being able to make that knife, and equip it on a suitable hearthling (I had planned for the shephard promotion, so I had my trapper with a high Spirit and Intelligence all ready to learn about the wild woods and their inhabitants…); and I watched the traps being placed with anticipation.

After a couple of close calls, the first animal was snared, and I watched the trapper approach. The fox pawed at the cage, and I realised just how adorable it looked. I started to think it was a shame that the fox had to go out like that; knowing its fate was sealed.

Then, the trapper reached the cage, and patted the fox on the head. My heart broke, and I very nearly removed the trapping zone right there to release all the other animals. I couldn’t believe the impact that simple animation had on me; and it was only the thought of how much my hearthlings needed that leather and jerky that kept my trapper in their job. As soon as they reached level 2, I upgraded them to a shephard and took great joy in freeing the remaining trapped animals.

The first time I fought a Goblin Chieftain, their death-speech hit me just as hard. Even though they were the ones attacking me; I felt bad that it had to end that way – with the chieftain in pain and afraid. Worse still, Bluebell had died earlier in the fight, throwing the chieftain into a rage; and when he croaked out “I’m coming to be with you, Bluebell”, I was dumbstruck.

And then, there’s Mountain’s lullaby. I genuinely cheered out loud when I was able to avoid that fight – partly because it saved many hearthling lives, but mostly because I’d made a friend out of the most threatening enemy imaginable; and that held hope that I could do the same with other enemies in future.

What those stories/experiences relate is, I think, the embers of the “living world feeling” – caring about the consequences of our decisions, and viewing the other denizens of the world of Hearth as fellow creatures rather than generic monsters to fight and exterminate. That feeling could be expanded on much, much more; but the initial kernel is already there.

So, if you guys are able to take that and run with it, that would be incredible. Obviously there are bigger priorities for the short-term; but the fact that you’re sharing this blue-sky thinking is extremely heartening and exciting for me. It means that this ideal scenario of a world that pushes back is still on the table; and that’s the best thing to hear at this early stage. Sure there are no guarantees; but then, there were no guarantees when Stonehearth was originally pitched. Bringing the idea to life is the hard part, but the idea needs to exist and be accepted in the first place… hard as it may be to bring that idea into existence; it’s harder still to create something that nobody is hoping/planning/wanting to make, LOL!

So, I hope you get the opportunities you need to make this idea a reality… but I’m optimistic, because as far as I can see, the first sparks are already there.


the funny thing is that the desktop tuesdays and things stated by other devs seem to be sort fo what you want but not quite as detailed (atleast for now) who knows they do seem to want a very rich world with tons of detail like yours so it could end up being pretty similar it’s definatley going to be similar or much more of a detailed world than most rpgs that’s one of the best parts of this game the detail and effort put into it it’s obvious the devs care so much about this game compared to how much most other devs care about some of their games so i feel the final version will have somewhat similarities to your vision and probably more


+1 for Sweet and the dream/desire! :clap:


That makes me think a bit of Undertale, where nobody has to die.


i’m going to be honest while i do like the idea of not killing the little
cute animals i hate the goblins and would chose to get rid of them they get
so annoying when they are constantly attacking me to the point where i’ve
started listening to what i say to my screen when they attack and i come
accross a bit racist to the goblins like really badly and i’m usually a
very tolerant of other races and such person but the moment i see “*A
goblin is invading your camp” *for the 3rd or 4th or 17th time i start to
mumble to my self about killing their entire species…

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I agree with much of what Sweet wants and love the idea of going in that direction : ). But I figured I would say what I’m doing currently and in the next few months.

You guys should know already that I am in the process of converting us from 3DSMax to Maya. It is a long and painful process, but I like to pretend that I’m almost done 8 ).

Next I will go back to adding more animations - similar to the brow-wipe or wave or things. Here are a few that are on my list to do: Cheer (Applaud), Delighted, Point, Consideration/Admiration/Awe, Laugh, Cheer (Exaggerated) - Whoop/Holler. Just to name a few : ).

After making several more animations, I plan on learning how to use the ‘conversation tech’ which Linda made to implement little conversations using the various animations which I am making. Should be able to get some pretty interesting “strings of thought” - like if you string together several animations along with a situation:
(This is a hypothetical situation, it may never actually be implemented)
Say a Goblin comes near town, a hearthling could Point & Laugh at the goblin, then a fight ensues and - after winning - the hearthlings Cheer, some clapping some Hollering etc.

And after that (which is months of work), I hope to get back to Fine Item creation : ).


The change from 3Ds max to maya is difficult but will definitely be worth it in the end!

By chance when all is said done you think you’d be able to make an ‘animation guide’ during a stream or something with using Maya? Similar to the old videos they have of making animations(the mammoth comes to mind) in 3ds Max.

I’d love to work on animation heavy mods but I think I’ll wait for now.

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I gotta say i love your new animation work keep it up can’t wait to see
what you can do once your actually making game content but for now you’re
doing great with the animations are great keep up the good work


I would say he’s actually making content. The conversion to Maya will help him make the animations better, and that’s content.


@malley, that interactions idea reminds me a lot of old school “The Sims” games.
Like, when your Sims would have no commands to execute and start having ridiculous conversations.

“Rocket ship?”
Excited dancing

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hehe, We might go with silly conversations like that, we’ll see. Its all still in a gray area while I’m doing this scripting stuff : ).


Are they going to have conversations at all or something like that then?

I’m sorry, I don’t understand your question : /.

i was justasking if it was confirmed that they when not doing anything (or while doing stuff) would talk to eachother and have conversations that probab;y won’t have a main point but just be there to add some silliness and makes them feel more real

( i kinda like the idea of two of them building a house talking to eachother about the weather or something else)

Ah, so, will they talk at some point - yes, confirmed : ). They do that now in our unstable branch (its super cute!).

The question of ‘what will the conversations be about (if anything)?’ is still being answered. There is actually a community discussion on it here: Discussion about hearthling speech


yeah i actually found that one a little bit after posting that question as you can see i’ve made a few suggestions in it check em out i also had some dev questions i made in this one