Qubicle Competition Discussion Thread. Cycle 1, Week 3 - Mounts!

If you want to submit your models then please head on over [urlhttp://discourse.stonehearth.net/t/qubicle-competition-model-submission-cycle-1-week-3-mounts/2211] here. [/url]

This thread is for the discussion of everything related to this weeks theme and models. Be it critique, suggestions, or just general chat about your favourite.

Also feel free to post other models you were thinking of submitting or other ideas you had around this weeks theme.

I’m interested in seeing some of the more creative mounts. I kind of hope we get more fantasy creatures, like the bird mounts in the tribal conversion mod (I can’t find the topic for some reason).

Wait, I saw something on the submission said saying that some people were in to the finals. Can I still enter for this one or is it exclusive to those people listed as “in the finals”?

You can enter, mounts is for the 3rd week, there’s still 2 free places in the finals.

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As @Relyss said you can still enter.

Weeks 1, 2 and 3 are open to everybody, and the top 2 places from each week earn a place in the 4th week.

wow, i love how this turned out… very Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (Master/Blaster) vibe going on there… :+1:

I actually don’t know exactly what Mad Max is. Other than a game is coming out revealed at E3.

That Troll Rider reminds me of Gargantuar of Plants vs Zombies…
It’s pretty cool, I also agree that we should have more fantasy things for the game.

oh good lord, now i feel like a old fogey… (very generally) Mad Max is a series of books based in a post-apocalyptic setting… Beyond Thunderdome is the 3rd in the series i believe, and features the hero fighting in an event called Thunderdome, where “two men enter, one man leaves”…

his opponent in the fight is a massive armored guy, who, outside of battle carries his handler on his back… together, the two are referred to as Master Blaster:smile:

Ah, they actually sound pretty cool. I may look into them for a good read during the 13 hour car trip I’ll have to endure in the upcoming weeks.

Anyways, Voxel Pirate, that car looks awesome! The wheels look out of place, though. They kind of look like they are made of wood.

Thanks Rosey… actually the wheels should look like they are made out of wood :wink:.

as crazy as it sounds, there would have been some models in that era that still had wooden spokes… :smiley:


Well that makes sense.

@TobiasSabathius love your mount made me chuckle when i saw it.

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@Xeno thanks, I must admit I spent a lot of time grinning when making them.

I wanted to have guys riding on the little goats but it looks pretty bad unless you can pose them correctly so to 90 degree restriction of cubicle rules it out.
I will pose some up and drop them on my WIP thread

cant wait to see that!

i love your work here though, it was very creative, and very well done… as usual…

thanks for providing the stills though, as the goats did look like orbiting moons… :smile:

wow, @CannonJunior … i didnt realize you were modeling as well… thats an extremly detailed dragon my friend… patience is clearly one of your strong suits… :wink:

well done! :+1: