Qubicle Competition Discussion Thread. Cycle 4, Week 4 The Final - Halloween - ‘Apocalypse'

This thread is for the discussion of everything related to this weeks theme and models. Be it critique, suggestions, or just general chat about your favourite.

Also feel free to post other models you were thinking of submitting or other ideas you had around this weeks theme.

Make sure you check out the theme schedule for the upcoming weeks of the Qubicle competition.

I love the little backstory @The_M very creative!

Thanks, I thought it would be nice to add a little extra something to add some comedy to it.

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@The_M your scene reminds me so much of the pick of destiny

wicked, wicked, wicked… wicked cool… :smile:

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Always wanted to try and create a stonehearthesque horse. 2 birds with one stone!


Don’t know why I always end up complicating things…
My scene was meant to be made in Blender. It’s the biggest scene I ever made, and very laggy because of the huge floor. With its lack of shadows and failed perspective :disappointed:
Here’s the gif. I didn’t want to submit it because it shows all the cheating :laughing: (remarked that everything is done with the free version).


thats just beautiful @Relyss:smiley:

love the one unit who is diving (or being blown) to the side… :+1:

Sorry, but I have too much to do at the moment in RL to create anything this week. :frowning:

But very nice models so far :smiley:

Same here. I have decided to focus for the moment on learning how to write add-ons for Blender. After downloading the trial version of 3ds Max I came to the conclusion that it is for sure not worth thousands of Dollars (compared to Blender). So… someone has to ensure that Blender will do the job :wink:.

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I won’t be able to enter a model @Geoffers747 I’ve been super busy :cry:

I can pretend I’m not disappointed, but, well, that would be a lie. :stuck_out_tongue:

If it’s any consolation I’m going to keep the competition open until the 31st and announce the winners and their prizes!


@Relyss: If you want the sky colour in your still images you can render it as .bmp. You can’t upload .bmp to the forum though (at least not last time I tried) so you have to save it as .png afterwards.
You could probably render a turntable .gif with 1 frame as well. Haven’t tried that one.
Love the “cheating” though. Coming up with ways to go beyond the limitations of the system to make an awesome scene only earns bonus points from me. :smile:

Nice work, all of you. :smiley:

Thanks, @Agon. I’m so used to png that I didn’t remember it was possible to render as bmp. And rendering a one frame turntable is also a good idea (I’d have never thought of that).