Priorities, finish doing your task prior to eating

I think one change i’d like to see is people when they become hungry,
finish their current task before going to get food. The problem being
someone walks far out to pickup an item, gets hungry and returns all the
way back without anything to show for it. As long as they are coming
back they might as well finish carry the item with them. No crafting or
hauling tasks are so long as to where a person should be delayed in an
extreme way from eating. whereas it makes sense if they are in the
middle of doing something to let them finish it.

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awhile back (quite awhile back now) this was actually a thing, for eating and sleeping… only problem was that footman never ate/slept as they were always patrolling, so it was taken out. b

i’m pretty sure that the team is planning on bringing it back at some point…

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maybe on long hauling tasks if the hearthlings are already carrying something maybe add a check if he/she is in the town zone of control and only drop once he/she is inside of it.

I don’t think building this building is a single task, but adding a bit of scaffolding or carrying a stone are tasks, for example.