Preparation for Radiant's April Fools Prank 2: Electric Boogaloo


I tried to warn them last year, but they wouldn’t listen. In their arrogance, the HOBA rose from the deep pits of Hell. I must try and warn them again, to save this beloved site.

Around this time last year, I created a thread trying to warn people to prepare for the end of days. This end of days is of course, Team Radiant’s terrible April fools prank. The amount of people preparing was low, but we were able to survive the attack from the bowels of Team Radiant. Why did I care so much to save the discousre? Well, I’ll tell you.
Two years ago, in the young days of our Stonehearth community, a post went on to on April 1st. The post said that Stonehearth was turning into a free to play game with micro-transactions. The community quickly feel into utter chaos after the post, with no one really knowing it was just a joke. Many good men and women died that day in the day known as the Discousre Fires of 2014. It took months to rebuild after the horrible event.
Then last year was the fake announcement of the HOBA to the world. Luckily, as I said before, we were able to stop the chaos from spreading. We kept it contained, and saved the community from plunging back into insanity.
This year, we have no idea what is coming from Team Radiant. Please, for the good of everyone, join our cause to stop the community from plunging into chaos again like so many (two) years ago. Any support given will help our cause to stop the April Fools prank. Thank you, and stay save this April 1st.

Your favorite mutated dinosaur,


You have my axe. . .



I’m hoping for a card game announcement.

(Boy, those anticipated fires…)


The problem with April Fools is not the jokes themselves, but the reactions. You can’t tell if people are going along with the joke or think the joke’s serious. Then you can’t tell if the reaction to that is serious, or going along with the joke, and whether they think the original person was joking or serious. Then you can’t…

And then someone eventually thinks the original joke was serious.


If they want to see houses burning, just announce that because of recent performance issues the maximum count of hearthlings will be capped to 10. :wink:


And that’s why we strike Team Radiant first! Who should we attack first before the April Fools prank arrives?
I believe we must strike the heart of Team Radiant to stop this chaos at the source. Sadly, there are two hearts to this beast. These hearts are Tom and Tony. We must organize two teams to neutralize these hearts and save the community!
Hooray for causing anarchy for no good reason but to stop a prank!


would be fun to have a special update to the game letting everything look weird and the bug reporting page overloaded hahahaha


So I have to ask, does “rawr” really mean “I love you” in dinosaur?


Rawr. Does that answer your question?


Instead of posting a prank this year, they should just post a normal dev build and watch as people frantically try to figure out what the joke is.


“Hey, new feature! You can grow grass. Enjoy!”


I can’t say I’m expecting much for today, given that their internet is being repaired. Wait… maybe it’s a long con. hehe