Potter doesn't have "Job Opportunities" perk

Title: Potter doesn’t have’ Job Oppertunities’ perk

Summary: It doesn’t have that perk even though you need one to be level 2 to get a mason

Steps to reproduce:

  1. hire potter
  2. open character sheet/get to level 2
  3. no perk that exists even though it should

Expected Results: There should be a job oppertunities perk

Actual Results: There isn’t

Notes: None


Versions and Mods: Alpha 13, no mods

System Information: None necessary for this bug

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I think that’s intended, and I don’t think they would replace the perk that’s already there. It might just be a case of forgotten text.

Paging @sdee, is this intentional?

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But it says Job Oppurtunities for the other classes…

True, but there’s also a lot going on with the Potter at level two that can’t be summed up with the regular ‘Job Opportunities’.

I really don’t know.

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Hi there,
It might have just been forgotten since the potter in the ascendancy doesn’t get promoted. It’s just text though, so doesn’t break the game – it doesn’t prevent the potter from promoting or anything. I will add the perk in alpha 14 :smile:
Thanks for reporting this!


Still an issue in A15…