Please help! Mining tool broken!

With the new mining tool, you’re required to use the mousewheel along with shift or alt to scale horizontally or vertically.
I can use shift + mousewheel just fine but alt + mousewheel isn’t working and I can’t scale my tool vertically.
Is there some way to change alt to a different button (assuming that is the problem) or a way to reclaim the 1x1 tool?

does the -other- alt still work?

My alts work fine with other buttons like toggling fullscreen and UI.
I actually found a way to fix my problem by plugging in an old mouse and using that mousewheel instead of my trackpad.
But for some reason, I still can’t use my trackpad with alt + mousewheel yet it works with shift + mousewheel. The trackpad mousewheel is evidently not the problem and neither is the alt since they work in all other conditions. I guess the alts and trackpad just don’t work with each other?
Any reason why this could be and how I could fix it? I prefer using my trackpad instead of having a crappy mouse just for one function.

Sounds like an OS/driver issue to me. Can you use that combination of alt+trackpad in other applications?