Please add fullscreen

Please add fullscreen in the game

In most games you just need to press alt+enter. Have you tried that?
In most it is also a common setting in options menu, have you checked if it is there?

There is no full screen in the game
In the game there is only in window mode

There is full screen

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That is literally first option in settings

game has full borderless resolution mode
but it’s not full-screen mode

this is not fullscrin mod

yeah, that’s clearly borderless fullscreen… but “true” fullscreen DOES exist, I use it and many other players do.

You might have a launch option being set automatically, check your config file or try running the game via command console to set the launch option to true fullscreen.

I’m a little confused
you could have said more specifically
how to make the game full screen

not working

it doesn’t work either

Your game config looks fine. This is likely related to something specific about your taskbar settings. Changing game options will almost certainly not fix this. If you Google “borderless fullscreen taskbar”, there is a wide variety of threads discussing this happening in various games, with many suggested fixes. Some of them might work for you.

Remove the settings in the dark gray window you posted and then see if you have the ingame option for fullscreen
Also check if the taskbar is set to be always on top or if it isn’t