Overlapping placed trees stack

The current behavior is that only the ones on top will grow, I think. The ones that are blocked won’t grow.

And a reset one, I think, that moves all Hearthlings a bit to try to get them unstuck.

I have tried to get this to happen in the unstable a16 but not yet

the worst I have had so far is Hearthlings getting stuck on top of things

At first I just thought maybe there was a different size of trees, until I noticed the tree outline finally when I selected.

I am overjoyed looking at this topic :slight_smile: This is awesome.

I have an inventory issue around missing saplings though and I do not know if this is connected to it, where I spam planted a lot of them just all over, and now I have a few plants that can’t be accounted for (this happened in another game, with just a silkweed plant that got “lost” and still counted against me and I could never find it) so I don’t know if they are related. Or if I just have saplings on the ground I can’t find?

That provoked taking a closer look at the trees themselves and noticed the canopy.

When I get all the trees cut down I will see if my missing saplings show up somewhere in amidst the trees that got cut down.


I’m not entirely sure that this is a bug but it is surely odd behavior.

It seems that when you accidentally place two oak saplings in the same spot this oddity seems to happen. As you can see I was able to reproduce the effect with ease.