Output crates - skeleton

I have some question about the skeleton of the output crates (i think also the input crates works the same way).

How i can define the right position of the items placed on the model?

"skeleton": {
  "ATTITEM00": [0.0,-0.0,0.0],
  "ATTITEM01": [10.0,-0.0,0.0],
  "ATTITEM02": [20.0,-0.0,0.0],
  "ATTITEM03": [30.0,-0.0,0.0],
  "ATTITEM04": [40.0,-0.0,0.0],
  "ATTITEM05": [50.0,-0.0,0.0],
  "ATTOVERCOG": [15.0,7.0,44.25],
  "outputbox": [15.0,7.5,0.0],
  "root": [15.0,5.0,0.0]

This is the code of the Output_box rig. So if they work similar to the other functions the first numbers should be the x-achse, then z-achse and finally y-achse right?

But i have no idea witch function have the other lines (ATTOVERCOG, outputbox and root).

For my model i have to place the items on different heights, and deeps.

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ATTITEM## is used for positioning the items, but it’s the numbers in the animation that matter, not the ones in the rig. The other bones are not used as far as item positioning is concerned.


Oh i’ve seen!

Thx for the feedback. Can’t wait to try it myself ^^

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it works really good. ohh i love this new update :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:



Just another question… i created a model that works the same way as normal crates just with the extra feature that the placed models are visible like in the input and output ones.

in this code line i’ve seen that you define “outputbox”. It would be a problem if i change this with “crate”? Or this have no impact on the final model?

Have seen that the input and output crates have different definitions but can’t find the source for them.

It can be whatever name you want, as long as it is the same name as that model matrix you want to animate. This is where you tell the game where that matrix is and how it should be moved or rotated.

Ahh ok i see. But for my entities? I build this storage window (see post above :arrow_up: ) so the animated models are always different. it’s not the model itself that has to be animated, but the entities placed on it.

In the skeleton file for the animation you will need to add the items positions too, starting with ATTITEM00 and going up that value for the amount of items you want. You don’t need a matrix in your model for those, just their position in the skeleton. The crate position can be ignored if it will not be moved.

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Yes, the items works fine, i was just wondering witch element influence this function.

Ahh ok, so i just need to insert here the name of matrix-name and everything should work fine. Right?

Maybe the performance problems came from this bug… just have to try it.