Other ways to get Hearthlings than the Daily Update

so, as the title kinda states, i think that perhaps there should be other ways to get more hearthlings than the Daily Update. now im not saying that we should totally get rid of the daily update. i just dont want to have to play X number of days in order to get X number of hearthlings. it would be nice if we still had the old way and the Daily Update way, it would just be i bit more fun. i also think there should be other ways to get them, such as saving them from goblins and other monsters. if you actually read this little rant of mine then thank you for your time. ~8BitCrab

P.S. sorry if this sounds kinda harsh, i was really tired when i wrote it.


I almost agree. I love the Daily(Weekend) Update (with Dennis Miller and Norm Macdonald :stuck_out_tongue:). But if your are concentrating on a heavy resources or specializing your town on something, You should get a random effect of lets say for example Blacksmith here and there or carps ect ect.

Edit: How about even better, Npc Shop owners moving u have no control over if you build them a building. Or just random Npc villagers that moving u have no control over also that move about doing their daily routines. Giving you town life.

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May they can have kids but not very often? Maybe some thing like minecrafts cows, sheep etc? I would like that.

[quote=“8BitCrab, post:1, topic:10604”]
uch as saving them from goblins and other monsters
[/quote] That would be so so so cool!

i kinda think the devs are steering away from that, for understandable reasons.

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Well it dose not have to be any thing bad just a kid pops out of the air lol. But yes I can see why.

i believe there is actually a thread on about kids. will search for it later.

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there is! (link)

this is indeed a thing (its one of the many modules that are being developed)… :+1:


also there will be events where people joins your town because its great etc ^^ whistle look in the events folder whistle

I imagine we will see more ways of acquiring citizens at some point - the trouble is balancing that settlement growth with population growth, if you were able to get a ton of people fast then that might throw the balance of things off ya know?


also not to rip off other games or anything or real life in general… but the game has MALE and FEMALE people…

and you know sometimes when a man and woman really love each other… a little Hearthling hatches…

Indeed it does :slight_smile: If memory serves me rightly it’s just a whole lot simpler to avoid children!

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i wouldnt go all out with babies or anything… but just make adults hatch from eggs after a time… comical and populating at the same time

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