Not all items are allowed to sell


I encoutered a situation, where my town has a huge amount of inventory but I was only able to sell a few items, not all of them. It would be great if I would be able to sell all items, even those items which where cluttered around the world.

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I’ve noticed this. I had some things that hadn’t made it into the stockpiles yet but were laying around and I couldn’t sell them. Quite annoying, especially as I didn’t WANT that bone axe.

Well I would suggest some kind of “Clutter Collection” like the garbage collection in some languages.
Every time the clutter raises to a specific limit, the citizen will start to gather all this stuff and and bring it to their storages until a certain level is reached again.

This way, we may have some further performance improvements becaue all this clutter won’t waste our memory and our citizen don’t need to “think” about which task is important now…

Just as an idea. But maybe its just some kind of bug, that stonehearth just forget about this stuff in their memory. :wink:

items that are lyring around in the world aren’t counted as ‘in inventory’ so they don’t show up in the town inventory and you can’t sell them

a good way to reduce clutter and enable workers to get back to hauling is to make stack items
for example the carpenter can make a pile of wood using 15 or so individual pieces of wood to store, you can harvest it later to reclaim the wood and while it’s stacked it will count as One item in the inventory
the mason has the same thing for stone and the potter for clay

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expanding upon this (for the benefit of others reading), it’s also possible to use containers to speed up item collection – if there’s a large group of items to be hauled somewhere, you can have the hearthlings place a container nearby and load it up with the items to be hauled (rather than them walking all the way back and forth with only a couple of items at a time.) Once the containers are filled, they can be un-deployed and will retain their contents, so the hearthlings can carry a full container back rather than a couple of individual items.

While this doesn’t technically reduce the amount of items to be hauled/stored, it dramatically cuts down on the work that the game has to do – instead of lots and lots of long pathing operations, it only has to perform short ones for the hearthlings to load all the items into the container, and one long pathfinding operation to get the filled container back to the town storage. That leaves more computer memory free for other jobs, and it means that all the items are stored much sooner so they can be traded that much earlier :merry:

I know all this stuff. But the issue I am experience is just that my citizen won’t do anything at all. They stand around, watching each other and even the sheppard is waiting until all off his sheeps has been starved.

Sounds like an AI issue like what I get on occasion - look at the bar at the bottom right & see if it’s still moving/changing colours - if it’s not then the processing has “hung” - I have to quick save F6 & quick load F7 quite often because of this issue & the game crashes once every few hours

Also I’ve found once you hit around 20-25 minions you need to reduce the game speed to normal or this issue gets worse