No traders coming to my village

I don’t have anybody coming to my town/village.
Can someone help.
I am using Alpha 6.

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hey there @alert143 welcome to the discourse :smile:

this is definitely a problem, you need to update your stonehearth version as thats 4/5 alphas behind the current version :wink:

as you’re still using alpha 6, i’m guessing your using the Humble Bundle download, correct?


If you go to your Humble Bundle page where you downloaded Stonehearth, you should see the link to download a more recent version. No extra purchases needed.

Once you play with it, once a day (starting at the second day) a dialog with the ‘Daily Update’ will appear and if you met the requirements a new hearthling will join your town.

Have fun! If you need any help, we’re here to assist you. :smile: