Ninja walls throwing error stars at me!

Title: Walls Disappear during custom build, throws errors as well.

Summary: Trying to build a custom tower, and while adding my own walls and blocks, walls disappear when adding custom roof/second floor.

Trying to connect these two sections.

But this happens instead.

If I fooled you with my classic misdirection, then look back and you’ll notice a big gaping hole where a wall used to be

Trying to change the floors to a different spot and I got this error

Trying to delete the thing and start again threw this error

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a 40x40 first floor

  2. Create custom walls at the corners (Max length each way. 17 blocks)

  3. Do the other corners the same way, leaving 6 blocks between the four corner walls.

  4. Fill the gaps with more custom walls

  5. Put double doors in the gaps you just filled

  6. Create 13x13 custom block floors extending from each corner

  7. Fill the gaps between each section of floor you made

  8. I got the disappearing wall when I had nearly finished filling the gaps

Extra Step) I tried filling the last gap anyway (With the hope of the wall coming back) and it threw this error

Expected Results:
For the walls to not disappear when I’m creating a custom second floor type deal.

Actual Results:
Walls disappeared, errors appeared. Just a bad time.

It would have been a cool tower.

Versions and Mods:
Release -375 (x64)
No mods

System Information:
Just system info : SysInfo.txt (925 Bytes)

The whole boring file : DxDiag.txt (30.1 KB)


Oh, wow. Thanks for the detailed screenshots! That will help a lot in tracking this down.


Pictures are worth a thousand words. Bam.


excellent report… thanks! :+1:

again @Albert? haven’t we had this discussion about working till the wee hours of the morn? :smile:



@SteveAdamo Hard to shut down the browser when we have a community as great as this!