New drinking animations available, but does not detect chairs

Thanks Malley! (Assuming it was you)
It looks really good!
(Should the base game stews use that animation now?)


But it does not detect chairs. We need an update in the postures:

   "stonehearth:sitting_on_chair" : {
      "eat" : "sitting_on_chair_eat"

to add the drinking on chair too! :slight_smile:

   "stonehearth:sitting_on_chair" : {
      "eat" : "sitting_on_chair_eat",
      "sitting_drink" : "sitting_on_chair_drink"

One minor thing, the default eating animation is named “eat”, while the drinking one is named “sitting_drink”. It could be renamed to just “drink” for consistency.


These were made available for modders, so even if the base game doesn’t use them they can inject them if they want to. I think the rabbits don’t have the effects though (only the animations) :thinking:
Orcs seem to reuse the hearthlings rig.
I’ll ask Malley if we want to fix this.

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It was me, but its something we never actually got into the game : /. Was a random comment at some point that someone wanted to have drinking in the game, so I threw together an animation real quick on the off-chance that they found some time to play with it. There are other things like this as well, unfortunately you can’t win 'em all : D.

Stews shouldn’t use this anim - there were cups made to be held in their hands as well, much smaller than the soup bowls. Their hands would penetrate pretty bad if they did. Plus, drinking soup would take two hands ; D

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You have not met my family - plenty of instances of one hand under the bottom of the soup bowl or holding the side to drink straight from it.
Might just be a crazy Polish family sort of thing, though