Naming Buildings

Would this be possible? For example naming a building “Town Hall”, “Tom’s Monastery” “Jack’s House” or will house names be automated by who lives in it?

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Not sure, but it doesn’t sound too complicated to include if it isn’t already.

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Ha, @Geoffers747 I think you should start answering question with “You could mod it in”. It would answer pretty much all of them if the moddability is as in depth as the devs seem to make it seem.


Ha! Set up an automated response and we’re away!

It’s kinda hard to know what will and what won’t be moddable, I mean, I’m going with the idea that pretty much every single thing you could possibly wanna do in this game will be moddable, as such, building names are just a drop in the ocean.

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I like the general idea, though to make them nameable, they would have to be recognized as building.

The building system as far as known… is just… well… place floors or walls everywhere you want, there is not even need for a door… just have those pretty floors lying around and some random walls.

there could very well be “minimum requirements” for what the game considers a building… “a floor, 4 walls, a door and a solid roof”… if those criteria are met, perhaps it is deemed a building and could be renamed…

taking it a step further, it would be interesting to see if you can associate a function to a building… so, i slap together a structure, and i want it to serve as a house… so i give it a label “Casa de Steve”, but i also assign it a “function” like “Dwelling”… that way, units can sleep there, recoup, what-have-you…

we could assign other functions to buildings as well… armory, barracks, tavern, etc. then, depending on the type of building, units can react to it accordingly…

all just pseudo-code spit-balling, of course… :smiley:

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I have no idea about the plausability of this, but I’m gonna chuck the idea out there anyway.

Perhaps each type of building could have it’s own signifier? So a ‘tavern’ would have the traditional swinging sign out the front - you could potentially have a name on that sign? Of your own choosing - obviously within a character constraint.

Similarly the barracks could have some sort of banner on the outside wall with a symbol/ motto of your choosing?

These are all highly improbable and more than likely pointless ideas, but nevermind!


This could be done similar to prison architect. Simply select building type and drag out a floor plan. This way you can have rooms in a building serving different purposes e.g. An armoury inside a barracks

this is indeed a real possibility, given how (in some of the dev videos), an entire building could be dragged out… and while this is used to help them quickly test builds, it seems possible that the feature could remain, and that entire prefabs could be dropped into a village, with the appropriate designations/functions attached…

I was also thinking you could drag out a floor plan and say this is going to be a ‘fill in blank’ room and then check certain boxes such as… Can people sleep in here? What can be stored in here? Tick which classes are aloud in here. Then we can save these custom preferences and name them. So maybe we have a blacksmith. It has two rooms. One room is simply named ‘Blacksmith’. The blacksmith knows he works there and he uses that particular forge and what not. Then he goes through a door and we have a custom room that we have saved, called ‘Blacksmith storage’. Now we have made it so only the Blacksmith can get in here and maybe an apprentice or something. This stops workers from walking through the blacksmith if it’s their quickest route somewhere. And in this room can be stored any smithing materials.
The name of the room could displayed on the floor whilst in build mode. This would fit with the current blueprint looking design of buildings in build mode as a architect would label each room on his drawing.
Thoughts on this guys?


Sorry to double post but I’ve thought of another good thing about this.

With restricted areas, this brings up crime. So as your city grows it can attract crime such as thieves. Thieves will steal from stockpiles and granaries and whatnot. This means we have a real reason to set up guards on patrol. If a guard spots anyone in a restricted area that shouldn’t be there, they can be taken to dungeons or something. Patrolling guards look badass (especially with torches) and it will give us a real reason to think about the layout of the city and guard posts and all.

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Not sure how individual characters will work, but if they have an inventory the guard could ‘check’ the inventory, if they have stolen goods -> jail, if just in restricted area, escort them out.

Love the idea.

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This sounds great. It also fits perfect with what they said about wanting to have all your items on show rather than just a number. So any storehouses would have to be guarded or there could be stock going missing. This would be good for pvp raids aswell. Sending off people to try steal from your friend’s town/city.

I also thought maybe some doors are harder to unlock than others. So we have more of a reason than just aesthetic to have bigger doors in certain areas. And maybe thieves are more drawn to buildings with better furniture. So having a nicer bed might mean you work faster but it also mean you have more chance of being burgled. So more guards in the nicer areas of the city makes sense.
This would also solve the problem they had where nicer things having buffs would lead to everyone having nice beds because everyone would work harder. But if they have more chance of being burgled then it gives you reasons to keep your poorer family with worse possessions.

I apologise for any bad grammar, I’m on my phone and this site isn’t very mobile friendly.

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