[NaB] Day Counter resets back to zero

Apparently we have a time loop going on :smile: the year is only 29 days long and it stays 1000 I’m up to my 2nd day 4

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Could you explain further?
I understand what you mean, but the screenshot shows two different months, Deepmun and Dewmun. Or so I think…
Are you saying that the savefile that shows 0 is the counter that has reset?


You know those memes floating around the net taht look srot of lkie tihs but you can still read them because your mind puts them together in the right order? Well after a 4 day weekend and many many hours and also deleting hundreds of saves to get this far my brain did that too me D…n and D…n looked the same after awhile and I didn’t realize I was on a different month.
So ignore this post and chock it up to me having Hallucinations :blush:


So should I switch this to resolved bug reports…

Not a bug, resolved, whichever.

thanks @dwarf, but @Relyss and or @Smokestacks can tackle these updates if @Geoffers747 and I are unavailable…

thanks! updated…