My villagers cant move

They can move but i dont know why they dont move.İ dont want to lose them

some of them can move but not all.İ click “R” but they dont move

This may not be the issue, but… that does happen with me when the game eats enough memory. Save and exit, reload… and my settlers start running around again. Grant it, I’m assuming you’re having a memory issue like I do at times. Not sure how long your game session was, but, 15 settlers can eat quite a bit of memory in 2-3 hours. Heck, I’ve been overdosing on Stonehearth all day today…

Maybe I need help. >.>

Have you tried unpausing the game?
Is the place to where they gather when you press R accessible?
What are the tasks listed in the citizen menu?

yes.My flag is on the ground.And all tasks are open

Try pressing 2 or 3 on the keyboard