My override is only half working?

So I’m trying to customize the “Click me to place your town banner” when you first start a world. I’ve edited the file and used override yet am only seeing half of the expected results. The change of font color is working, but it won’t use the custom image I’ve provided.


Thanks in advance for any tips :wink:

wel i never did change the font but i -did get the image to work! (not the ghost of the to-place-kingdom-flag though…
i remember that being odd to get right.
(you could see if you do something different from me in that respect)

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thanks, I’ll check right now! My banner’s ghost is correct, that was a pain stake.

I didn’t think of simply saying, “Hey just override the banner.png” Thanks for that.

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Mind if I ask how to get the ghost right? :jubilant:

For the ghost check how rayya does it. It is an alias for the ghost itself (besides the main entity)


Hmm, I have it but it still doesn’t work :joy:
Maybe I missed something else along the way, will check

The only difference I can spot is that RC links the folder rather than the standard json. I think that might be it, will try it later :smiley:

"rc_camp_standard": "file(entities/gizmos/rc_camp_standard)",
"rc_camp_standard_ghost": "file(entities/gizmos/rc_camp_standard/rc_camp_standard_ghost.json)",


"mountain_folk:mf_camp_standard": "file(mountain_folk/entities/gizmos/mf_camp_standard/mf_camp_standard.json)",
"mountain_folk:mf_camp_standard_ghost": "file(mountain_folk/entities/gizmos/mf_camp_standard/mf_camp_standard_ghost.json)",
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I think it is in the ui manifest, it is a simple override


Ohhh! There’s an override in the UI manifest too. Right. Just spotted it.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Well it was the smallest, easiest fastest way I could think of :’)
Now I’ll just have to see if I can get my ghost fixed up too XD

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