Music for twitch streams

Hi, I recently did a Mod Dev stream, and I’m planning to do a few more of these. However I was wondering how to add background music to my streams, specifically the stonehearth soundtrack. My main questiuon is about copyright and making sure that I don’t get in trouble. I also want to ask what is the best way to actually get the music (if I am even allowed to use it), or if I just have to scour around for it. (I found this just now).

If adding this music is more complicated than the standard procedure for OBS, I would like some tips as well. Basically I want to ask people who already use music for stonehearth streams about a little experience getting mine set up and ready.

All the music are .ogg files in the stonehearth.smod. I remember people asking this exact stuff before, and I think there is no problem.
Not sure how to do it, if your software has an option to read the files or something like that, else you could simple run them in your default player from your system in the background