Changing Music/Sounds

Hello, is there a way I may change the sounds ingame as in if I want to change the music to my own music I am just wondering if their is a way I am able to do this.

I don’t think the game uses typical .mp3 formats to run music, so changing such assets might be too much of an endeavor

You can go into the options(settings) and in ‘sound’ you can turn off music by sliding the volume of music down, and run your music-player in the background

Okay I like the music I was just hoping to be able to have songs come on during battles and or calm periods. Well thank you for responding.

the game uses sounds in the ogg format - but its hardcoded so you cant just add a musicfile and it will use it ^^ so you can only replace them in the stonehearth.smod (stonehearth\data\music)

Okay, thank you that is good to know.

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