Multiplayer plus and expanded world would be beneifical to each other (thoughts)

Hey guys, I haven’t posted in a very long time, but with the multiplayer desktop Tuesdays I thought this would be an excellent time to join the discussion.
I have been thinking about two things when related to multiplayer, one is there currently enough space in the world itself for a massive game and community of player and two would it be possible for each player to choose a different race if they choose to do so.
Thinking back to the desktop Tuesday where there were multiple connected biomes together made me think that this would be the best way to do this. Where the game would have different connect biomes much like minecraft and when a player chooses a race to start the game, then they would start in their preferred biomes.

much like this picture: mcworld

and personally I think the best way to approach multiplayer is to let each player have their own individual towns and add some sort of ui like in civ 5 for diplomacy and such (i.e. trading and allying). This could also be implemented into single player with a.i… For instance having the player set up a trade agreement with the kobolds or allying with the rabbit clan. This would have so much potential.


and with the idea of trading maybe their could be a new class like the trader or merchant that can travel between towns on player set travel routes to deliver and sell goods - so you actually have to transfer goods by movement - forcing players to possibly have guards for the merchant as to protect against ambushes.

all I can say is team radiant keep doing the good work, and I can’t wait to see what some from you guys in the future.

Edit: I do think that having player dedicated servers would be the best to have so players can determine how their individuals servers are run. Excatly like minecraft and terraria servers. And I would highly recommend against servers like overwatch and cs:go.