Moving Water using buckets?

Is this a possibility? We have water physics so you can make a river and have water move from place to place, but the physics can be wonky and if you’re not careful you can completely drain a source of water with one simple misstep. Believe me, I’ve done it. it’s not fun to lose your ONLY source of water. So I was wondering if it were possible to build your own small watering holes and use buckets to move small amounts of water from one water source without completely draining it in turn? COULD THIS BE DONE? Maybe make it part of the building process, add water to the building options?

how would you keep those watering holes stocked
the easiest method I can think of would be expanding the engineers list of craftable items to include some type of waterpipes

So for instance keeping the watering hole stocked would require a wetstone to be part of the building process. Think of it like a pool. The water is put in to a pool and the filters along the edges pull the water in to clean it and a pump under ground somewhere constantly keeps that water moving through the filter back into the pool. In this case the wetstones will work in a similar fashion, constantly pumping out water through as you suggested, engineer crafted pipes into the watering hole for consistency.

I’ve been playing Minecraft a lot lately and looking at how Redstone works there I’ve been thinking "well why can’t we do something similar with the Stonehearth crafting and building mechanics. Find ways to make your builds dynamic and semi autonomous in a sense.

We have some plans regarding more water control and “putting water” in specific places for the next versions of ACE :slight_smile:


I would also LOVE to see tunnels generated with rivers going through them. That would be SO damn awesome. Until such a thing happens i’m forced to create my own rivers and allow others bodies of water to drain in turn. it’s quite frustrating when that happens because it prevents you from having multiple heights of water in the area your city lies in.