Modify road walk speed

where is the file that says Hearthlings walk at 1.1 x speed on roads?
because I would like to modify that multiplier slightly.

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yeah I was hoping different road types, with edgers, would have different speeds. the smoother the better

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“modifier”: 0.2, is the speed
"nav_preference_modifier": 0.2 is the influence on the a.i.

You can have a path that is fast but they avoid, or one that they prefer and is slow, adjusting those.


I changed the modifier and it didn’t seem to do anything so I cranked it up a lot to see if there was any difference and there was no difference. do I need to change an additional file?

Existing roads won’t change. It’ll only apply to newly built ones.

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Ha! As stated I only decorate the existing roads. It would be cool to upgrade the roads as well but my pavers are like a rug for the road and so don’t really affect anything. They will be adding appeal once I figure out how to do that without completely killing the appeal sub-system.

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if i change it to 10 is that 10 times the speed or +10 speed?

Is there a way to apply the changes without destroying all the roads and rebuild them

10 means +1000%, but it’s capped at +127% for optimization and animation sanity reasons. You might be able to apply changes to existing roads by having a Lua function run when you load the game to go over all existing roads and update them, but it isn’t trivial.

ok, how do I do the Lua command?
help please

I would be happy if it was supported but not active by default so that I can choose the best and worst road for that specific play through, adjust the values, and turn it on

probably asking too much?

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Not sure if you are talking about upgrading roads or updating my mod to include that behavior. The former would be very cool but the latter is probably not going to happen. The only realistic way I see to modify the speed via a placed entity with no collision would be to make a buff when they got near the entity but I can only imagine what that might cause to the game engine. I believe the Candledark mod did something similar in that you needed to be near the ovens to stay warm or you got a debuff. In my last pre-A23 world I had over 500 pavers placed so to logic around those seems like a bad idea. Another option might be to alter the road as it is placed if there were pavers included in its blueprint or some advanced logic that would check to make sure that all the road voxels were covered by a paver entity. All sound a bit more than I want to chew off. A dev might be able to see a different more feasible solution however.

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is there a way to modify the cap?