[MOD] Hearthlings of Many Faces

Oops, I did manage to get it working for Alpha 12 before, but forgot to upload the changes. Thanks for the reminder!
Updated the links in the OP.


AMAZING work. Thank you very much for this!

Nice work! You should put this on Praise DB

@Drotten Found a bug: character names get cut off at 4 to 6 letters.

@Shizuyori : You should probably make that a link, if that’s some sort of website. (Not that people usually want to upload their mods to multiple websites, of course…) I have no idea what “Praise DB” means…and neither does Google. :wink:


Ok, http://praisedb.x10.bz

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Could you please post a screenshot of the error? I can’t seem to repro the error, thanks!

@Shizuyori, I uploaded the mod there now.

Nice looks awesome :smiley:

ps. what category do you think would be a good identifier for it? i’ll add it.

I don’t really mind the category it’s currently in, but if you do manage to add a suitable one later on feel free to change it to that then.


at the moment i try again to translate it to german but at the moment i search for a better way as to add the renamed heads etc to the stonehearth.smod ^^ aliases should not work … overides also not … hmmmmm any ideas?

edit: ok change paths of the files doesnt work … ^^
edit2: ok my tries to add them to your mod and link them are failed - looks like there is no other way as to addt them to the stonehearth.smod …
edit3: okkkk overrides works xD
edi4: hmmm i dont know why but it works only for female1 ?

@Drotten: Here ya go.

That was Tinsa, Kirsteg, Lorhag, Grimix, Belrain, Daisy, (and not pictured: Arlind)-- so basically, everyone’s last letter was cut off somehow. (I use the characters everywhere in games, so I couldn’t have mistyped them-- not to mention, mistyped all 6 of them in this one instance in the same exact manner, missing the last letter only on every character… Seems like a highly improbable series of typos.)


Ah I see it now and I get it myself, I’m pretty sure where the error is but it’s too late for me here so the fix won’t be up today I’m afraid. Though you can still change their names by opening up the hearthling’s character sheet and selecting his/her name. :wink:

@Wiese2007, yeah that's a tough one. The problem is that it's not just applied to the stonehearth mod as it takes all the model files from a faction; even from other mods. So overriding the file names would only work for the factions that uses the human models from the main stonehearth mod.

jup i know what you mean … but im totally confuss why its only accept the change for female1 and not for the others … i will upload it and the bed ^^ when you have time you could look into it?

i dont find the issue ^^ but like you said its late and i must wake at 4 … so good night :wink:

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I’ll take a look at it tomorrow :+1:; it’s getting late here as well.

Edit: @Wiese2007, there are a couple of issues there:

  1. Typos: most of the filenames start with a uppercase ‘K’, while the manifest looks for the files that start with a lowercase ‘k’.

  2. The game couldn’t find the files that are using the character ‘ö’ in their name.


I’ve uploaded a fix to it now, it should work a lot better now when entering a name. Look in the OP for the updated version.

I totally missed this mod! That sounds pretty cool! :open_mouth:
Need to test this soon…


Is the v1.1 on Praise the updated version too? ^^

Yes it is, replaced the one that was already up there.


Nice! ok :smiley: thanks Drotten :jack_o_lantern:

ok i have no idea ^^ its use only my override of female_1 and then it ends^^ all filenames and jsons are correct and the log doesnt shows any issues ^^

and i have also not found a way to change it that it takes the names not from the filenames … but im very bad at programming xD

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