[MOD] Commemorative Tombstones/Items [v 1.2.0 | W.I.P]

So, you’ve got the butcher taken care of and the candle-stick maker already bubbling away (you’ve even, erm, rendered some wax products already!)

…so I take it we can expect Bakery+ early next year then?


So, this mod hasn’t had any love in a long time…
Unsure if anyone cares at this point and thus I apologize for the “revive” of this thread, but I want to “keep people in the loop” just in case.

Over the years I’ve tried coming back to it to update code or add new items; but soon enough I always end up short on time and I forget what I was trying to achieve with my latest updates and next time I get some time on my hands I have to start from the start again. sigh :sweat:

I believe that my issue has been that my original vision for the mod was bigger than what I could produce.
Thus, I have decided to split this mod into two different, smaller mods.

:headstone: Commemorative Tombstones will contain all the custom tombstones I’ve made and the logic to have them spawned upon death of a specific class/job. Possibly craft-able tombstones, too.
:moyai: Commemorative Items will contain items that can be used to make a potential grave site less “negative”. Since all tombstones have negative ‘appeal points’, the CI-items may be used to counteract this - yet still suit a graveyard of sorts.

This coming week I have a guaranteed 3h/day to put into this work, so I should at least be able to update Commemorative Tombstones to work with the current version of Stonehearth (and ACE!) and figure out how to get it on the Workshop.
The next step might be to find other popular (“not ACE”) mods that add professions, and see if this mod should implement special tombstones for these jobs, too.
Unsure if such features would be “patch-able” via stand-alone mods, since Lua logic is required, and thus I believe I’m better of just adding checks for the various mods directly in CT.

Last step will be to dial down my ambitions for Commemorative Items, and make it a mod that only add simpler items that would fit on/around graveyards.
We’re talking statues (e.g. Poyo, as showcased before), small fountains, and busts.
My ideas for candles and such seems obsolete these days; and there is no longer a need for the “friend system” I was originally planing to implement in CI.

:warning: If you are currently playing with a mod that adds a job that you think NEED a custom tombstone, or if you have a great suggestion for a simple item that you associate with “prettifying graveyards”, please feel free to @ me on these forums or in the ACE discord server.

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Let me (perhaps) make your life a bit easier - if you wish!
I’ve been considering doing custom tombstones for lings in ACE for a while now (inspired by your own mod) and every now and then I’ve considered sending you a message to ask for your permission!

Well, now that you’re back I guess there’s no better time? :merry: would you be okay if we adapted/added the tombstones into ACE?

You might still keep that one mod for non-ACE users, up to you - but at least you wouldn’t need to worry about compatibility and could just update it straight away :merry:

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Yeah, for sure!
As far as I know, I’ve locally done all of the code-work required for all jobs added in ACE. Still tinkering with models/ideas for the icons, but this might be something you want to assist with/take-over.
Let’s discuss it further in DM or a chat (imo preferably via Discord).

Ah yeah, that’s a good idea; thank you for suggesting it!
I’ll look into this, as well.

Commemorative Tombstones version 1.1.0 released.
Minor bugfix regarding unlocking tombstone recipe based on active mods; and added compatibility with Swamp Goblins mod.
Edit: version 1.2.0 released. Compatibility with some additional Goblin mods.

Despite lack of time, I’m secretly working on Commemorative Items as well.
Maybe 2023 will be the year CI goes public.