Microworld not working in a21

Opening the microworld just brings an empty world now, the game is there, but no land or hearthlings, just empty space (blue sky)

log file:
stonehearth.log (9.0 KB)

Comment out line 35 of micro_world.lua. That fixed it for me.

Thanks, I wonder what changed.
I mean, it is obvious looking at that file that it is trying to call the method start() from the catalog service, and checking that service we can see that there is no method named start() there anymore.
I’m just too lazy (and with a bad internet) to check the old version…

We recently changed the catalog service so that it doesn’t need to wait for start to be called to load up the catalog data from the entities, but we didn’t update the microworld on the public github yet. I’ll go ahead and update it now.