Microworld has invalid manifest?

I downloaded what I can only assume is the most recent version of the Microworld mod from git today. I was grabbing the .zip version, and once i renamed everything and verified the manifest was set to version 3, I put it in to my steam mods and tried to execute from a shortcut…nothing. I got the music, and a black screen.

So I decided to try and run it from settings in a19, and see there is an “invalid manifest” message on the mod.

Anyone else seen this, and know how to correct? I didn’t see a previous topic that was 100% the same as my issue.

Last I checked the version on Github was working. However, Github seems to be having some issues right now (https://status.github.com/) so I can’t check it out…sorry :disappointed:.

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The .zip download from github is somewhat of a bother to install correctly.

The .zip is called microworld-master and the main folder in the zip is also called microworld-master. What you need to do:

  1. Unzip the contents of the zipfile directly into the mods folder (not to a microworld-master folder inside the mods folder).
  2. Rename the microworld-master folder that is now in your mods folder to microworld.

I assume you didn’t rename the folder to microworld, because that’s the exact error you get when you don’t (I’ve done it a few times myself).

For example:

2016-Nov-01 18:19:55.089653 | client |  1 |                        resources | error loading file microworld/manifest.json: invalid file path 'microworld/manifest.json'.
2016-Nov-01 18:19:55.089653 | client |  1 |                        resources | error looking for manifest in microworld: invalid file path 'microworld/manifest.json'.

If a mod is not in the correct folder or is nested inside an extra folder, the game just can’t handle it and any call to use that mod as the “main mod” will surely cause the game to fail.


I think I did, but don’t remember off hand, so I may just start from scratch and start here.

Pretty sure I did this, but I do know it was after initially trying. Likely the improper nesting folders is where my issue lies.

Just got in to work (at 5AM…wwooooooo), so I will have to give this a go once I get home later and will report back.

Thanks @jomaxro and @Tuhalu for having a look and lending a hand. :slight_smile:

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