Mechanic repairing doors wile under attack

mechanic repairing doors while under attack then dying because he ran right into an army of enemies
Steps to reproduce:

  1. get an ironclad door
  2. have enemies attack it
  3. observe mechanic trying to fix door while under attack

Expected Results: run away from the enemy

Actual Results: risking his life to repair a door



Version Number and Mods in use:
System Information:

Did he actually continue fixing the door or just cower in place? When under attack, I have found that non combat hearthlings are fare more likely to cower in place and get beat on than to run away. Only real way I can get them to run to safety is to sound the town alarm.

If the engineer ignored the attacks and kept working, I can see this being a bug.

a suggestion.
What was the engineers spirit? If it was high like 5 or 6 the engineer may have only become afraid after taking a certain amount of damage and then once damaged went into the flee for my life in the worst possible direction mode. I have seen this in very specific instances early in the game with workers and trappers as well. if they are preforming a task like hauling or setting traps they will not flee from the little rock critters (pebbles) or wood critters (ents?) until they take enough damage to offset their spirit vs the critters fear factor.

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