MagicaVoxel: new stuff

Hey! Has anyone tried the new select tool in Magica yet?

I just downloaded it (didn’t even knew about the updates, I was 3 version behind)

Although it is good to have, I prefer using VoxelShop for those functions. I only use MagicaVoxel for coloring (because it looks better in it, the other has very strange color and lights) and for screenshots (for the same reasons, better colors and lights/shadows)

I liked the new interface, much better and clean.

One problem I’m having now in this new version is that I can’t (?) hide the grid…

Before, I could click on frame button (at the bottom of the screen, or shortcut ctrl+f) to hide it, like in this:

Now, in the new version it looks like this:

Damn, just notice, it is even worse s it now has a background… Even though I marked it (next to the screenshot button) to have alpha, like I was used to do in the old version…

Eh. Seems to be a bug. The button is still there but it doesn’t work.

It works, but for another function. It just adds a grid to the model itself, based on the size you chose. So if you have size 5, every 5th block will have a line in it. It is excellent for measurements.

Oh, and the background I could disable using the old short cut, ctrl+b. But for the wall grid there is no option…