Lua runtime error when trying to delete portion of floor, limits further building

Wen trying to build a building I placed a small section of floor, then a larger section of floor adjecent to the smaller section. When I went to grow walls the walls only grew on the large section so I removed them. I then removed the large section of floor and tried to remove the small section but was met with a lua runtime error.

Steps to reproduce:
1) Build section of floor
2) Build another section of floor
3) grow walls on the second section of floor
4) remove walls and second section of floor
5) attempt to remove remaining section of floor

Expected Results:
Remaining section of floor will be removed

Actual Results:
Remaining section of floor remains and a lua runtime error pops up. No additional building is possible

I am not sure exactly which action lead to the lua runtime error or if it is related to being unable to build further. I recieve the same error every time I do something with the building engine, closing and reopening the engine does not help at all either. Other actions in the game seem to be unaffected.

Screenshot of game with error window up

Alpha 5 D1633
Core i7
Nvidia GeForce GT 755M
Windows 8.1 pro 64-bit

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Okay, after playing around some more with this bug it seems to be tied to the undo action in the building editor. I built a house in a new game and undid the placement of the roof and while the roof placement did undo I received the same error window and could not interact with the building editor beyond that point. If you need logs or something from the game just let me know where to find them and I can post them here.

Was there a gap between the floors? It may have counted the two floors as separate buildings, hence why the walls only raised on the large section. Though I am just guessing here, you may well have stumbled across a bug :slight_smile:

No, there was no gap between the two sections. In past builds I have been able to create buildings that had multiple floor sections with no issues, so I was pretty surprised by this.