Lirik Twitch's Biggest Stream is Streaming The Game Right Now

Lirik’s Stream

Is on of the biggest streamers on Twitch right now. As over 20,000 views as of this post. Please go check him out.


28000 people watching him play Stonehearth very very badly.


I can’t stand this guy…

28000 people follow him regularly? :tired_face: :palm_tree:


I was wondering where all the trees went. But then I saw him cutting a forest of 1 km^2 :weary:

Took me only a few minutes to see what you meant, @phector2004.

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Wow that was a pretty amazing stream, Got a good laugh out of watching it! Thanks for brining it up! I love how confused he was with everything, But great little game play from him!

It almost makes me want to return to live streams as it was fun in 2012

Just watching him placing his stockpile so far away…
and not realising you can make custom buildings…
and placing buildings so close together…
and mixing up the types of doors…
and not crafting the right things for his houses…
and acting like everything was the game’s fault
drove me insane…

Oh well.

Oddly, after a while the stream went from painful to fun (I think this was after he started to understand the game a bit more)


Did he stop complaining so much? I may have given up too quickly.

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I lasted an hour. Can’t stand the guy. He sucked, badly, but hopefully the 28000 views helped raise Stonehearth’s profile. It peaked at Top 20 best sellers yesterday, on Steam.

Hopefully the team will be able to see from the number of streams that were up yesterday where the UI is failing, and where more steering advice is needed :smile:


I see a lot of bad commentsa about this guy, who is he? Also, can anyone find a recording?It sounds funny and horrbile at the same time, and I am incline to watch it.

Now I want to see it even more. :fearful:

Know that feeling you’d get, back when you were a kid, 13 or 14 or so, and you had some family friends pass by your place to see your parents and unfortunately bring their 8-year-old brat for you to entertain for three hours?

And you’d insist on them playing NHLPA Hockey '93 with you on the SNES, but they insisted on playing Super Mario World on your good save?

And you have to babysit them as they get your green mushrooms from x76 to x12, dying in the most mundane/idiotic ways imaginable (e.g. falling at the least likely pits), all the while blaming the game for being “stupid” and “this sucks”?

And you want to take over and show them how its done, how to not royally mess up everything and undo all of the good work you’ve put in?

Imagine that feeling.

With Stonehearth.


HAHA, that description is pretty accurate :smile:

you can watch it here. around 30 minutes in.


I see a few of you guys are hating on him. You have to remember when most people play the game for the 1st. time.They’re confused and lost and it take a few more tries to get things right. He’s a great broadcaster and he’s streams are really good. Theirs a reason why he as over 20,000 viewers, daily.


Oh god no, please not something like that.


Well, sure, but it wasn’t the confusion that got me. Anyway, I’ll try not to be negative :blush:

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