Landmark being created at mountain when its filters are set to plains only

(Minor obvious spoiler) I’m doing buried treasures in the archipelago.

Problem, I set it only for plains (sand, the yellow blocks, lowest level of the map) but it is appearing anywhere, even on mountain tops. The image below shows two treasures marked as mining zones, the left one is at foothills level (all green grass is at foothill level), while the right one is at the most high elevation in the biome, clearly a mountain region, far from plains.

Landmark json file:

	"mixins": "/stonehearth/scenarios/static/landmarks/qb_to_terrain.json",
	"biomes": ["archipelago_biome:biome:archipelago"],
	"name": "buried_treasure",
	"category": "archipelago_landmark",
	"unique" : false,
	"size": {
		"width": 8,
		"length": 8
	"habitat_types": ["plains"],
	"overwrite_occupied_size": 5,
	"weight": 10,
	"data": {
		"brush" : "/archipelago_biome/data/models/landmark/8x_buried_treasure.qb",
		"landmark_block_types": "archipelago_biome:landmark_blocks"

I’ll take a look later, but as a quick check, does removing overwrite_occupied_size solve it?


I’m going to run a few more tests, because it was kinda random, but so far it is working without that.

Edit: Seems like that was it. I had a map with over 20 (bumped high for testing) and they were all in sand now.