[KS] Human Resources

From the people who brought us games like Total Annihilation…

Giant robot armies versus hordes of Cthulhu’s minions, all scrapping over the remains of humanity.

Must be Tuesday.




This looks awesome!

I have actually been looking at this for around 1 and 1/2 day now and it really seems interesting. But i am going to wait and see until they put a bit more information up :slight_smile:

Also you should be aware that their steam page (their announcement at planetary annihilation) is a swamp of hate from people who are still angry about planetary annihilation isn’t fully done yet.

Yet another reason to get a new computer :frowning:

Awesome. Harvesting humans and ruining skyscrapers with mega robots. Awesome.
If you look how they made Planetary Annihilation, I am confident that they will be able to make is a great game.

I’m a bit worried that the amount of money they are asking for won’t be reached. It is a bit high…

It is actually not so high for such an ambitious game as that. It will also mean that they don’t have to rely on early acces and per-purchase as much as Planetary annihilation did.

Ye is too high. I pay for PA on kickstarter and its not game i like. That game is nice in idea/art level(same like PA on start), but I’m afraid it will end as PA in 3/4 or so in the target road. Unfortunately, this time they will not get my $$. But I wish them all the best :slight_smile:

all I see is a very ambitious idea VERY AMBITIOUS I sadly don’t see it as a realistic goal can it be done well yes but the amount of time and money needed to get it done it’s not worth my $$ would I like to have a game like this yes sure but just not worth the $$

I would say give them $20 for just the game when it comes out and then don’t pay attention to the campaign until you get an email with the Game. That way, you don’t get hyped so your not disappointed and you don’t spend that much money on it. (You don’t actually lose any money if it doesn’t get fully funded anyway).

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As a very happy Planetary Annihilation backer, I am more than happy to throw my hat in the ring for this game. It’ll be interesting to see what happens when the dev team cuts loose and goes all-out with wacky fun stuff! I’m expecting long-range frog monsters. :smiley: