Journey to Lunaris Part 1[A choose your path story for Stonehearth]

I hope that you enjoy this book! You play a character called Joe. It’s only short, but it took long enough to make! Keep in mind that this is my first proper attempt at a pick your path story! Please share this with your friends! Anyway, on with the story…

Backstory: Our story begins in a little town called Pontybridge. It’s a quaint little place, home to fine community of trustworthy hearthlings. In this town, a young Hearthling named Joe had recently finished his daily farm, when he was called in by a band of guards. They stated that Joe had been sighted making “deals” with untrustworthy beings, known as the “Granerok Goblins”…

The guards go on and on at you for hours, until they finally come to a question. They ask you, “Why did you think that it would be appropriate to talk with these disgusting creatures?” You know that you had never even heard of this Goblin camp, let alone talk with them! However, you do know that these Guards would need a good explanation, as the defense in this town is incredibly strict.

So, you could be sneaky and say:
I didn’t know that it was considered a crime! They manipulated me! Go to 001
Or, you could tell the truth and say:
I I did not do such a crime, I know how awful it is to talk to Goblins! Go to 002

001: You get sent away, but you had to pay a fine! You are also on watch, and have to report into the guard’s room every week for a weekly check-up. You are glad that you sort of got away with it! You begin to walk back home when a bolt of lightning strikes the building a few houses away from you’re house! Instantly, the building sets on fire, but it doesn’t seem like normal fire! It looks somewhat, purple! You begin to run away in fear, but then another bolt of lighting hits the house next to the blazed building! The same thing happens, purplish flames blast through the windows! Then it hits you, the strikes seem to be edging towards your house! Once again, another strike of lightning hits the house next to the scorched home! You know that yours will be soon!
Will you risk your life and:
Enter your home to gather as much as possible Go to 003
Or will you:
Leave your house to burn away Go to 004

002: Your lucky it wasn’t jail, just sent to the “questioning room” for a while. The guards didn’t 100% believe you, so they sent you for further questioning! But, just before a man comes in, a strike of lightning hits the building that your in! He get chucked onto the floor by the incredible force, and suddenly the whole place is alight with purple flames! You struggle to lift yourself up! The smoke begins to come, choking you as you struggle to reach the door! Your vision gets blurry, and slowly you begin to feel sick! You look at your hands, and they look like they’re turning pale green! You look up, and dismally squeak help! You cough and sputter, and fall to the ground. You’re barely conscious, when suddenly a lump of charred wood hits falls out of the ceiling, and hits your feet! You wail in pain!
You can either:
Use up the rest of your energy, and scream for help as loud as possible! Go to 005
Or, you could:
Try and crawl out of the building! Go to 006

003You run to your home and begin to pack more and more things. Another bolt of lightning hits! You are scared by this, and begin to pack faster! You pack more and more, but another strike hits, causing you to drop half your things! You decide to pick it all up, but then another strike hits! It’s your house next! You finish picking everything up, and rush carelessly to the door! You trip on your spare farming hoe, and crash to the floor!

The worst thing that could every of happened to you happened! A bolt of lightning hits your house, and the whole building is up in flames! You try your hardest to crawl out, but its no hope, the smoke is just too much for your lungs! You grab hold of the coat hanger, and try to pull yourself up! The coat hanger snaps, and the weak building cracks, and a lump of charred wood lands on your weak feet!
You can either:
Use up the rest of your energy, and scream for help as loud as possible! Go to 005
Or, you could:
Try and crawl out of the building! Go to 006

004: You and a group of friends manage to escape the burning wreck, but you are all somewhat injured, due to tripping over countless amounts of burnt remains! You know that life in Pontybridge is over, and it’s time to start anew.

Continue at part 2, start 002

005: You never knew that you could scream as loud as that in your life! It tires you so much, you fall, unconscious, laying in a burning building, with what feels like no hope, no luck.

Just death.

You find it hard to open your eyes, but you just manage. You seem to be in a field. It’s pretty! It would be better if you’re vision wasn’t quite so blurry. You can’t get up, you can barely move. A voice begins to sound in your ears. It says, “Calm yourself, your’e tired and injured, get some rest,” You just about manage to turn your head, and see through the corner of your eye, a destroyed, burned town, or what’s left of it!

You realize that life won’t be so easy now, unlike your past life, where everything was happy, and easy.

Oh no, it won’t be… Continue at part 2, start 001

006: You try your hardest to crawl your way out, but it’s no hope. The smoak and pain just prevents you from escaping. You grab hold of a crack in the floor, and pull yourself forward! All or a sudden, the floor cracks, and you fall down a deep whole! It goes down and down! You never even knew that this was here! You fall down, lower and lower, and it seems that you may die!

It’s just a matter of time until you reach the bottom. Continue part 2, start 003

I hope you enjoyed part 1 told you it was short! Stay tuned for part 2! I hope you enjoyed!



Sorry but didn’t like it.

The chaaracter speak too much

Thanks for the feedback! I will keep this in mind for when I make part 2!

As you can probably tell, I gave up on this… small project…! In fact, this is the first time in MONTHS that I have revisited this discourse, since I took a long break from Stonehearth! Anyways, I was wondering if any of you are interested in a part 2 of this story, if so, either tell me by replying to this thread, like the story or like this update!

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