Item show in speech bubble is cut

I think the “camera” that took the picture of the item is too close, clipping into it. One of my modded items is even “closer”:

This is the item:


That one was fixed right after we released. In theory you can override the value for your items if the camera is clipping too close, but right now I can’t tell you how. @max99x would be the one to ask.

We did add a systematic fix for this that should be in the next build (or at worst by the time A22 goes to stable). But you can indeed override the camera settings used when rendering icons by specifying any of these settings in the entity_data section of the item’s JSON:

 "stonehearth:portrait": {
     "portrait_types": {
        "icon": {
           "center": { "x": 0, "y": 0.3, "z": 0.8 },
           "rotation": { "x": 0, "y": 15, "z": 45 },
           "extra_distance": 0.5,
           "fov": 30,
           "animation": "custom.json",
           "animation_time_ms": 42

But now I’m thinking… Do you think one day we will not need *.png images for every item? The game could simple generate at run time like this. I wonder if the trade would be any good, as instead of memory it would now waste cpu, right?

It’s quite possible that we can default to an auto-generated icon like this if no PNG is specified. The performance difference would not be that significant since this is just rendering the item once and generating a PNG with the result that is used afterwards.


Just a small update. In 726 the egg image is cut too.


Thanks. This’ll be fixed in the next update.