Is anyone having hard time with zoneing(solved)

i am having a problem were i get a single zone click rather than a drag

Hmm, that’s probably a worn-out mouse-button, rather than a problem with the game itself.

Does this problem occur in other games or applications? (EX: Office-type programs, the Operating System itself)

I know with certainty that in my case it is a worn-out mouse-button, I’ve taken the poor thing apart and verified. (the “button” part of the button is very very worn, I’m stunned at how well it is keeping up really)
But, a lifetime (for the mouse) of Voxel-based building games will do that.

Because, like Minecraft, most of them lack any method to place multiple blocks at once, so each block is a mouse-click, and that’s 40 or so per hut, and hundreds to thousands for bigger things.
(my first-person shooters didn’t help at all either.)

On the other hand, if you’ve verified that it isn’t, then time to file a formal bug report.

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