Ideas discussions for the turn based multiplayer sharing a save file

It might be a good idea to establish turns ahead of time, though. That way, there isn’t anyone who really wants to take part in this, but can never actually catch the file before someone else claims it.

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What you guys think of this place to start?

And about the turns and time, let’s do a time limit of 1 day per player? But if they want they can release their save file earlier. (Maybe he just wanted to add a few builds in it, it could be really quick)
And I don’t think it is necessary a turn list, at least for now, I think it will not have many players. I mean, we should not get a save file too soon if we already played it, let at least a few more players play it before trying to claim it again.


I’m A-okay with it. mountain and lakes are a good mix. I’ve already have ideas!

Looks god. I know where I’m going! Press that magic button.

I’ve always wanted to do a Stonehearth YouTube series. I might record my turns. Is everyone okay with me doing a quick overview of the rest of the world each time? I’ll mention that other people were the ones to build it, of course.

I think it would be kind of cool to do some world-building while we play. In the thread we could name our villages, talk about the major buildings, etc., whenever we send a save back. I think it would be fun.

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love the look of the spot you picked @BrunoSupremo!

looking forward to seeing what everyone’s builds turn out like :smile:

though i’m not certain i’ll participate in this (as i said before, i’m a terrible builder) but if i do i’m fine with you doing an overview of anything i build :slight_smile:

I wonder if instead of waiting for the current game to finish (which is a hard thing to do, will it finish? when?) what about we run another project parallel to this? Probably with Rayya in desert.

We would then have two projects going on, which would give more opportunities to play (maybe one game is on hold but the other is free)

Maybe we can already start thinking about a modded version too?


Should make a poll for which mods a modded version would use.

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I found this cool seed for the desert play.

Has some u-shaped mountains and big lakes.

For a modded play, what mods you guys use? I’m fine with any mod (unless there is compatibility issues)
And in what biome should it be hosted? Besides the common default biomes, Groove and Anorien offers nice terrain for multiple players, because those can have a lot of different features in a single map.

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the only mod i would consider a “must have” for a modded series would be settlement decor.

other than that i don’t really care what is used.


I would simply like 8Bits Rune mod, so I can make another forest village, but have forest themed lights!

I think the Terrain Slabs mod would be popular, since it would allow for players to tweak their chosen area e.g. add some area to a cliff if they want to build a mountaintop fort but need a little more space. Plus it gives players access to cool metallic colours for building machinery, and the dark green for building ruins and trees.

I haven’t had a chance to jump into this but I’m definitely keeping an eye on it, I agree that keeping the mod list down even for a modded run is probably the best idea… so I reckon any mods chosen should be ones which give the players more to work with (e.g. the deco mods) on top of the vanilla content rather than changing the anything vanilla.


ooooh! if we use that mod i could do a second lake village, except with giant lily-pads instead of wooden platforms this time :open_mouth:

then again, i probably shouldn’t hog the lakes, give others a chance to make lake towns and such :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, the more stuff that gets built on/into the lakes, the more water gets displaced to be used in irrigation ditches, moats and the like. If you’re building out into the middle of the lake and leaving plenty of shoreline for others to use, you’re probably doing everyone a favour by “refilling” the volume that will inevitably get used up in other players’ water features :slight_smile:

But yeah, the first thing I thought about with the terrain slabs mod is that it would allow for physical separation between the different villages and towns, since players can construct their own terrain features like rock outcrops… that includes outright constructing new “land” to build on, anything from an island in the lake to some floating rocks in the mountains.