I had problem about Memory Leak

I had 8Gb Ram. When i played it take 1.7Gb ram, after 1 hour it take 3Gb, after 2 hours it take 7Gb. Then game got lag and crash.

Hope admin can fix that! Thank you!

P/s: Sorry for my bad English

that is a known problem with the game, and since the developers have stopped all supporr, it willl not get fixed
playing the game in shorter sessions with regular saving is the only solution

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well its not -totally- out of the question that the leak will one day be found by ACE, but its not a high chance (not everything in the game can be touched) but as nightlancer said, save often (autosave) and just restart on crash… im also on 8gb but usually dont crash unless i have been playinf for hours and hours

Yeah I’ve never crashed from the memory leak and I doubt I have more than 8GB. maybe there was something else contributed to it instead? Was it a large town by the way?

Please do not spread misinformation. As of the release version of the game, there were no known/reproducible memory leaks in the stock game that could lead to 7GB of memory usage in normal circumstances.

However, due to the amount of control mods are given, it is easy for a mod to leak memory if an API is misused, and with the limited docs on some of them, it’s hard to blame the modders for misuse.

@Kavick_Hoang if you are using mods, please try disabling them and seeing if the issue persists. If it does, please attach a savegame and I will look into it.


First i used to played game with out mods. It cause leak Memory to 7Gb after 2 hours playing. So i think the issue is from core game. I will send you my savegame when i test it again without mod. Thank for Reply! :smile: