How to i update my game?

hey guys jamie here i guess you haven’t seen me in a while well i have one stupid thing to ask how do i update my game i still have alpha 1 and i got the game on humble bundle ( i should of used steam ) ah well guess it happens to us all

Go your humble library and redownload! Check the date under the file, if it’s April 29th, that’s the most recent version

Isn’t it still possible to get on steam? You should be able to just link your steam and humble account.
There you should go to your library, properties of the game, ‘beta’ and select latest.

this should help get you squared away (at least in regards to the Steam client)

hey guys i found out how to update now i have alpha 3 on steam thanks

excellent… have fun! :smile:

and be on the lookout for alpha 4 (coming soon to a theater near you!)

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