How to get Stunned?

Hallo all
I need some help. I’m trying to make a stun debuff, but I’m not founding how to do that.

(Is there a way to get stunned?)

I did this for a Smite Skill of a cleric slam attack, in my test mod/save.

What I did is I looked into the buffs folder found in this directory: stonehearth\data\buffs

You would want to look at these two specific buffs as template: Because that’s what I did :3
Snared and Stopped. So basically you have two ways to approach this.

  • Snared buff will put an entity to a full stop and inject it with a struggling animation.
    If I am not wrong

  • Stopped buff will also put an entity to a full stop but will not be injecting it with an animation. So let say for example an entity was given the Stopped buff while running, the entity will keep playing the run animation and it is stuck in place.
    If I am not wrong

From there you can make modifications to suit your needs. I just added a duration line in the .json file, so that the entity given the buff is not forever stuck in place.
Give the fella some fighting chance!

Hope that helps :smiley:! I rarely participate in coding since I fit more in the artsy stuff~



U mean the entity will stop whatever it’s doing, right?
So if the entity is fighting and get “Stopped” for 2 seconds, for example, it won’t do nothing for 2 seconds? (i’m asking because in the code the modifier just multiply the speed by 0).

Really thanks for the reply :grin:

No problem :smile:~

Yes, in terms of mobility. Last time I check, I believe using the stopped buff on enemies can still attack if their target is within range, even if they are immobile. Not sure though because it is been a while. I guess the snared buff is your best bet, since it stops the target from moving and attacking at the same time :slight_smile:.


I got it.
I’ll try here.
When I get a result, I’ll reply here.

Thanks :grin: