Creating auras attached to static objects (i.e. WoW Shaman totems)

Hello, all, I’m busy chipping away at my first test mod. I’ve managed to get the basics of craftables down: adding items to crafters, changing requirements, changing categories, all of that, but now I’m trying to make those things actually do something.

At the moment what I’m trying to do is alter the startermod_basic pig to have a speed aura. I’ve duplicated and altered the Cleric’s muscle aura to affect speed, including both the aura itself and the buff applied by the aura, but now I’m not sure how to go about attaching that aura to the pig.

I assume I need to add injected_buffs into the components of the piggy_bank.json

My first assumption was to use effect_list component, but that seems now to be intended for cube emitters and the like.

Has anyone made a similar mod that I could poke around inside? I’m good at reverse engineering examples, I just need to be pointed in the right direction.

Thanks all!

I believe the Candledark mod had these pumpkin wards, and someone else made a mod that also included some kind of item which healed or something (but I don’t remember if it’s released).

The healing obelisk mod is actually stonewalled at the same point as I am. They were able to get an object to cast spells, but not emit a buff.

Candledark, as well, seems to be doing something else entirely with their pumpkin wards.

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Haven’t delved into modding much (here), so question!

Q: Can you turn a buff into a spell and then have the object cast it over and over again?

I do not know Lua or Json, learning C++ and know .xmls a bit.

How were your attempts with injected_buffs?
I think it should work if you add

"stonehearth:buffs": {
         "inflictable_debuffs": {
            "infection": {
               "uri": "your_aura_buff_uri",
               "chance": 0.5

inside the “entity_data” part (not actually tested, but you can try).