How to create new habitat?(solved)

I see that inside the habitat manager it marks forest habitat by calling “is_forest_feature” from the landscaper.
So, I added a ‘water’ habitat that marks the location by calling “is_water_feature” from the landscaper.
Now I do have some fish spawning in water but i also have them spawning in random places w/o water.
So my question is, are the habitats created before the water is “fixed” (ponds taken out and water bodies merge etc…) and if so is that why those places get marked as “water feature”?

No, the habitats are created after.

What may be happening is that your water creatures have alongside the water habitat, other habitats. Your water creature is spawning using a nest with a “mixins” : “file(…/critter_nest)”? If so, it is inheriting a plains and forest habitat.


Thank you, that sounds right, i thought the tags were replaced when using mixins, but now it makes a lot more sense xD

Thanks again just fixed it.