How to create a mod?


:content: Just a tip: you don’t need to download debugtools from the stonehearth github page anymore, as they come bundled with the game! Just enable them from the Mods tab in the Settings menu (while being in the Main menu).


Thank you @Relyss, I realized that after the process above. Still thought I had to manually change code files in order to turn on the mod by default. Then, I found the mod tab under settings…


Hi, I missed too much in this discussion. Could you tell me how to make mods and why is the debugtools mod necessary?


Much has changed in two years time, there is a modding guide which is much clearer now, and things have been streamlined. What kind of mod are you thinking of @hijoderayya?


I had thought about learning, and modify some mods, for me or for others, in some discussion.


Well the debug tools let you spawn, delete, teleport items etc, so it’s usefull for testing.
But for modding you need something to do models with, and something to do code with.
Code is easy, notepad++ works fine (and is free) for models there are three options, qubicle (paid or gotten… Otherwise.) and two? Free options like magical voxel and… A third which I forgot


I like Goxel for voxel editing and Voxel Shop is great for aligning models. Also Sublime Text free trial is awesome for code! It bugs you to buy it a couple times a day when you hit save. That’s all.


very well, thank you very much, thank you very much


I have a problem, I changed the format of a mod to .zip and I do not know how to fix it. I thought that with Winrar I would only change the format to .smod at the time of compression, but it did not work. help


.smod files are just .zip files that have been renamed.

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but, how do I do that, because at the time of the name change nothing happens if I put .smod, for example, “stone”, I change it to “stone.smod”, but it is still .zip but it is called "stone.smod "what do I do


You need to show file extensions. So you can replace the “.zip” with “.smod” (and the other way too)

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How can I do that. I’m from Mexico, I don’t know if it matters.


You should probably google “show file extensions” and get one of the methods that is related to your system.

This is how it shows on mine (w10, portuguese)


ok thank you very much and apologies for the inconvenience, esque I felt very strange, at the time of not being able to use some mods