How i can increase dammage of bullet?

i tested to change the damage in the turnip_bullet.json
"stonehearth:combat:weapon_data": {
“base_damage”: 1000,
“base_ranged_damage”: 1000,
“range”: 1000,
“projectile_speed”: 60,
“projectile_uri”: “stonehearth:weapons:arrow”

the damage is not increase… and the range do not increase too.
and how i can do this with the other turrel ?

all my turrel is dead with only a archer ennemi.


Did you tested a new turret? Cause the changes do not apply to those that were already in the world. So you need to erase the old ones, and only the new ones would have the new attack.

i have made a plenty… dont see the difference… need many bullet for only on archer ennemi… remove only 1/12 of the heart…
i cant remove a turrel placed on finished building. it is a bug i have already say in this forum.

Are you sure you are using the turnip shooter? The code you show is not from it, as it does not shoot arrows.

I tested here and a turnip shooter required two shots to kill stonelings, when I increased the attack it was one shot kill.

i am in entities/weapons/turnip_bullet/turnip_bullet.json
in entities/gizmos/small_turret/small_turret.json
i can only change :
“sensor_list”: {
“sensors”: {
“sight”: {
“type”: “sensor”,
“radius”: 35

i think it is the radius of detection.
i try to set 60
i found :
in kobold_bow.json radius is set to 40
kobold_generals_bow.json radius is set to 55

Wrong file, the bullet is just a visual object, it does nothing besides showing it.

You need to go into entities/gizmos/turnip_shooter/turnip_shooter_weapon.json

There you will find a code similar to what you first posted, and changing it will work.

(That sensor you mentioned is just the radius the turret will notice the enemy, and it can be different from its range. You can make it notice the enemy very far, but only shoot it when it is near)

ok thanks; i changed the value.
i created a new game so need a engineer :stuck_out_tongue:

but why a turrel have a base damage in this file and do not use a projectile with base damage ? for me a arc have a speed, only arrow have a damage.
you have a fire arrow file with damage

i want to create a mod for modify all this file but i dont know how.
i have download fiew mod for show how this works but hard for me to learn from them :stuck_out_tongue:

so why have you rename the zip file in smod ? the name .zip you dont like it ? :slight_smile:

It is better for the damage to be in the turret instead of the projectile because them you can have the same projectile in different turrets, with different strengths.

The fire arrow damage if I’m not mistaken is just the bonus fire damage effect.

The files are renamed to protect themselves. If it were left as .zip, users could mess with it. This way only those that really want to mod will be able to do it without harming the game.