How does one paint

so ive built a room and im trying to paint the floor from blue to a design but the paint tool wont work

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is your building blackened? if that then you have to select the building you want to edit
ohh god… i can still paint the blackened building… @max99x that’s normal?

That would be a @not_owen_wilson or @jamiltron question.

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oops, sorry and thanks hehe :sweat_smile:

Why don’t you click the floor and change the floor panel to blue, then paint the outside if you don’t like it showing through :).

Hi, thanks for the post! What happens when you click the paint tool, then click and drag over the floor? Do you hear the panting sound? Does anything change at all or does it stay the same when you placed the room?

Also just checking - when you say that you built a room - is this in the building editor, or have the Hearthlings already finished construction?

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