Hooking Decoda into Stonehearth for Debugging?

So I’m getting into the LUA side of modding, and I already how to write the codes, but the issue I’m facing is knowing what data is where. For instance: How do I know what function to call to find the location of a certain entities (such as a berry bush) in the world? How do I know what data is contained within an object that gets returned by the Inventory:get_items_of_type(uri) function?

These are things easily solved by having a debugger like Decoda hooked up to stonehearth (microworld) with breakpoints and what-not, but from my rather short search, I have gotten mixed info and no good explanations as to how to go about hooking up one up.

So, I’m hoping to get a recent, straight answer to this, if anyone has it! :slight_smile:

Bump (sorry if this isn’t allowed, I’m really hoping for an answer) :frowning:

Okay, it seems I figured some of the attaching process out mysef, and I’m now playing around with it! Neat! I’m considering mking a write-up about using Decoda and Stonehearth, hmmmm.