Herbalist and Roof Bug

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(Hurray! I figured out basic computer stuffs! Self-celebration!)


Summary: Simply enough, my Herbalist will not make tonics; specifically the very first tonic titled “Small Healing Tonic.” When trying to craft the item, it reads that I need a placed Herbalist Lab. I already have one put out though.

Steps to reproduce: Unfortunately, I’m not sure how to.

Notes: The only thing worth noting is that I experienced this bug a little after I experienced a roof bug. I’m not sure if said “roof bug” has been reported already or not, so if it hasn’t, let me know and I’d be more than happy to make another report.

Version Number and Mods in use:

Version: DEVELOP-2807 (x64).

Mods: No mods in use.

System Information: Pretty silly of me, but I’m probably the only college student who doesn’t know where to find that information. However, I doubt this bug is based off of my system performance. And I assume that based on absolutely nothing.

This is space reserved for the aforementioned ‘roof bug’ I found. For now, I’m going to try and recreate it and fill out this other half of the post as I go along.

To note though, this bug should still be present in the uploaded save file above. Meaning, it should show up in the prompt when you start the game. However, I unfortunately deleted the building and template that caused the bug. I will try and get that back though for you guys.

UPDATE: Unfortunately again, I can’t seem to recreate it. However fortunately, as I said above, the bug itself is presented in the prompt at the start of the game, so hopefully that helps.

To describe what happens when the bug occurs - when placing a roof on a building, the additional walls that fill in any gaps between the foundation wall and the roof are just not there. However, I believe this makes the building glitched, meaning unbuildable and actually undeletable.

I will say though, to delete any building with this bug, simply reload the game.

Sorry again for not being as helpful as I’d like to be. Computers are hard. : D


hey there @DontCallMeSurly, thanks for the report,

dont have much to note about the main report, sorry…

[quote=“DontCallMeSurly, post:1, topic:19413”]
I’m not sure if said “roof bug” has been reported already or not, so if it hasn’t, let me know and I’d be more than happy to make another report.
[/quote]but could you perhaps provide some more details about that bug? as it stands i cant say for certain as to whether it has been reported yet or not. unless its this bug,


Hey @DontCallMeSurly, it might help if you uploaded your save :slight_smile: Thanks for your bug report

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To @8BitCrab, and @Wharp,

Thanks guys!

I’ll be sure write another report on that ‘roof bug’ and upload my save as well.


@8BitCrab, @Wharp,

Hey, which file should I upload to this post? The ‘client_state’, ‘metadata’, or ‘server_state’? Or should I just upload all three and the screenshot as well?


Hi @DontCallMeSurly
Please upload the entire folder of the save. Zipped up would be preferred.
Thank you!


The Herbalist not being able to craft despite the workshop has been placed down, looks like this bug:


Roger that. Thanks Relyss!