Help with spawning an entity at world gen. bigger than a chunk

I’m not sure if this is a bug or just me doing something wrong.
I have an entity (a volcano) that is placed in the world, like any other objects like trees, plants and boulders.

It spawn other entities. I copied the .json from the poyo. But instead of spawning eggs, it spawn rocks, and other few changes, but the mechanics are the same.

The problem is: it sometimes is not placed in the world. I’m guessing it is because it is bigger than a chunk (16², volcano is 32²), because removing its hit box makes it spawn normally.
I can see at the debug that there are more volcanoes than I can see in the map, for example, I have 3 on the map, but the entity list shows 10…

This alone would be nothing bad, except when those objects that are not in the world tries to spawn their rocks, it gives this error:
..._resource_node/renewable_resource_node_component.lua:98: assertion failed: renewable resource node harvesting owner (21485 archipelago_biome:volcano) does not have a world location

That’s how I discovered there was volcanoes outside of the world, through that error message, and then looking at the list of entities that did not match what I was seeing in the map. Other entities does not show this problem and are all present.

So, is this me doing bad things? Or it is a bug in the generation?

Maybe @Albert has a hint on what is happening :confused:

You might want to remove the collision box then, and just leave a destination region for harvesting purposes :disappointed_relieved:
In any case, I wouldn’t recommend spawning entities at world generation that are so big.
What happens if you reduce its scale and collision box at just the limits (size of a chunk)?

The object is not harvestable. It auto spawns the items from time to time, the player will never be able to manually harvest it. Exactly like the poyos, you can’t harvest them for eggs, they will auto produce it as soon as they are ready, then return to the “unripe” state.
(What players will harvest are the spawned rocks)

And yes, (I forgot to write it in the post) re-scaling it to fit into something less than 16x16 works fine and every single volcano was able to spawn.
Anything bigger than that and I get missing volcanoes not in the map (no errors), that will try to spawn the rocks (gives error of spawning without a location).
(Only volcanoes not in the map gives the error when trying to spawn items, those in the map works fine)