Help out a fellow Stonehearthian

Hey guys. My name is T.J. and I recently worked on a design contest that could help me and the people I worked with win our share of $10,000 (a.k.a a LOT OF MONEY). All of the actual renderings of the van were done on AutoDesk Inventor and have actual 3D models saved on my computer.

The group of people that I work with is Team 223. We are an FRC team (see first [there’s a pun there, just click on the link and you’ll get it] link to know more) that helped out with the 3D modeling and designing of the concept. Our website is also linked below.

The overall goal of the contest was to design something cool that fits in the 2014 Ford Transit Connect. We decided that the best thing to do was to make a Disaster Relief Vehicle. I’ll be brief when I describe what it could do (if you want more info, the last link has all you could want. Reply if you want more, since I have it).

  • The van could drive into a disaster-hit area and provide immediate relief.
  • It comes equiped with a Mill, Lathe, 3d Plastic Printer, and Chop Saw to allow people to fix small items.
  • The van pops up one central tent and thee “residential tents” to provide shelter and an arena to centralize relief efforts.
  • One van provides comfortable housing for up to 24 people. This includes lights, heat, electricity, and food.
  • Low-power communications and 2 Televisions to display information to residents of an affected area.
  • Many other things, such as first aid, a water purifier, blankets, rope, ect.
  • Pictures are on the last link. There is also a video by some of the people we worked with on the design.

The entrants were narrowed down to a “top 10” and are now up to a public vote (website is #4 below). The top 3 from the vote will be judged by Makezine and the winning party will receive $10,000 and may have a prototype of their design built and tested by Ford. To vote, all you have to do is click on vote under our entrance and slect teh scores you want to give it (all 5’s are the best :wink:)

Thanks so much for the time! If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Oh, and tell your friends. That’s good too :blush:)

FIRST’s Website
Our Team’s Website
Makezine’s Website
The Overall Competition Page
Our Submission’s Page

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well, one can never be too sure, but this all seems legitimate… and certainly a worthwhile cause…

best of luck @Tinytiger596! :+1:

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Thanks @SteveAdamo.

And I promise it’s legit < 3

well, i felt obliged to point that out for the masses… :smile:

however, i wasnt sure which vehicle to vote for, as i didnt see one by team 223… :confused:

Pshh, its the best one, obviously! :wink:

But in all seriousness, our team name is Xtreme Heat and we were part of a collaboration with a few companies. (Fixers Collective, MakerBar, and Xtreme Heat)
Here are some pics: